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As anyone that has used LiDAR or other point-cloud data before knows, the datasets generated are typically large, cumbersome, and difficult to visualise or work with.

Geoverse Convert solves all these problems, by compressing data down to 5-20% of its original size – without degrading quality – and enabling it to be viewed in the Geoverse View package in less than a second – no matter how large the data is, or if it’s coming from a hard drive, flash drive, local server, or the internet. Currently the following formats are accepted: UDS, OBJ, BIN, e57, LAS, LAZ, FLS, PTS, PLY, PTX, XYB XYZ/TXT and LlargBin. The four major benefits to converting data to the compressed Euclideon format are: • You can run and interact with models of unlimited size • Loading times have been reduced to less than a second for any size data model • The model can be stored in one place in your building and all can access it • Storage compaction to between 5-20% of original .LAS size